Private Faces (forthcoming) follows artist Natalie Newbury and seven of her beautiful portrait subjects across three decades and two continents, from 1960s and ’70s California to France in the ’80s and back again, as Natalie faces infidelity, betrayal and the quest for artistic fulfillment. Private Faces was sold to Endeavor Press Ltd. by literary agent Linda Langton and will be available on Amazon in early 2017.

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In The Putneyville Fables (Plain View Press, 2012), the extended Cherrystone clan of eastern Colorado struggles with big issues, such as conservation versus exploitation of nature, the interdependence of humans and animals, and race as eight-year-old Jeff ping-pongs between two families, one white, one black.

Gage is a peerless judge of human nature. Wry, funny, forgiving, she reminds us at times of John Barth, Katherine Anne Porter and Sherwood Anderson. Her little Putneyville is big enough to encompass every human vice and virtue, and reading its fables and foibles, we recognize these people — and then perhaps we blush.”   — Michael Carr, editor of multiple New York TimesWall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times best-sellers

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The Wind Came Running (Plain View Press, 2010) is a coming-of-age story. Through the eyes of Cassie, who is five at the outset of the novel, we experience the daily dramas of the fictional Cato, Oklahoma, amid the seismic shifts of the Depression, the Dust Bowl and Okie migration, race relations and World War II.

“A work of historical fiction that will prove very hard to put down.” — Midwest Book Review

“Gage shows deep insight into small-town psychology, and her writing sings with authenticity, humor, and quiet pathos. Her story will sweep you up and carry you along on a warm Oklahoma wind, then put you down gently at the end well satisfied by a finely told tale.”    — Cynthia Leslie-Bole, Writer 

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